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Affinity Talent Platform

Affinity Talent Platform

Australia/New Zealand
About Affinity Talent Platform

We deliver insights via our on demand behavioural assessments, digital interviews (recorded & live) and automated reference checks so you select the right people, create clear career growth opportunities and prepare high-potential employees for their ‘path through your organisation’.

Working together with your evolving workforce and enhance your employment brand, you will be able to:
- identify critical roles
- leverage artificial intelligence driven behavioural assessments
- enhance candidate and hiring manager talent sourcing experience through digital interviews
- pro-actively talent pool
- automate reference checking
- integrate on demand development plans into inductions

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An “HR Plan" should cover all aspects of human resources and complement the finance, sales and marketing plans (like a Balanced Scorecard). The foundation for our HR Planning process is the ‘Path to Organisational Excellence’ which reflects the need for Workforce Foundations to be in place for both the individual employee and the organisation to ensure a positive return on the investment for Talent Management activities. These in turn are critical to the overall success of initiatives around employee capability, culture and strategy.
A detailed human resources plan should include both operational and strategic human resources activities, as indicated in our “HR Path to Organisational Excellence”. However…if your Workforce Foundations are unsound the return on your investment in training, leadership or culture may be limited. Learn how to establish your own Workforce Foundation System that integrates Critical Role Identification, Behavioural Assessments, Digital Interviews, Automated Reference Checks and Development Reports for Induction.
Free 60 Day Trial of our Digital Interview (video & live) platform me directly, cheers John
Use behavioural assessment to compare candidates on key competencies plus an automated interview guide to match.
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Australasian Talent Conference
#Australasian Talent Conference 2020 DIGITAL
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