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Melbourne, Australia
About Ahoyhoy

Ahoyhoy ATC!
Well, one thing we all know for sure is that #shifthappens.

Hello and welcome from Robine our CEO

At Ahoyhoy we are designing new ways to give you access to formally trained futurists, foresight practitioners, tools and resources that help you and your team to anticipate and rehearse the future. This will allow you to stretch your thinking, we invite you to try on different perspectives and become explicit and intentional about the assumptions that underpin your workforce strategy.

We have two ATC offers for you:

1. Experience our new on-demand futures experience: The Ahoyhoy Futures Suite.
The Ahoyhoy Futures Suite is an innovative, affordable and on-demand way to provide regular access to our futures team and their insights about the future of the Australian Workforce and its implications. This is a way to pop a workforce focused futurist in your pocket for a fraction of the cost of engaging a foresight practitioner in a more traditional way. Click our website link to sign up!

2. The first five people to reach out will receive 1 x free strategic sparring session with Ahoyhoy. These dialogue and provocation sessions are designed to stretch your thinking, Help navigate uncertainty and bring in alternative ideas & perspectives to ongoing + evolving challenges.
If you would like to experience this session for free, email us.

More about us:
The Ahoyhoy Futures Suite:

The Ahoyhoy Futures Suite is a way to pop a futurist in their pocket. Given the way the world is shifting, you definitely want one in there.
Designed and developed by our academically trained foresight and futures team, our solution will help you become more aware of alternative future scenario’s that are focused on pathways out of COVID, socioeconomic shifts and you will hear from the voice of the Australian worker. This can help you and your team decide what action to take to become more resilient. Take advantage of shifts and movements that may come our way.

The Ahoyhoy Futures Suite is an innovative, affordable and on-demand way to provide regular access to our futures team and their insights.
Sign up here.

Ahoyhoy Presents:

Ahoyhoy Presents is our consulting arm. We believe that no single discipline, methodology or way of knowing will be enough to solve the core challenges organisations face in these times. We have our sights set on helping you get practical about the future of work. We want you to rehearse for a number of possible futures and put in place what you must to respond and prosper. We have developed a special blend of strategic foresight + strategy + innovation + execution = more resilient & responsive individuals & organisations.

* Help navigate uncertainty
* Stress test and bring in alternative ideas & perspectives to ongoing + evolving challenges
* Access foresight intelligence and emerging trends and issues to stretch your boundaries of knowing
* Sense-make and dialogue on execution and delivery challenges
* Explore new leverage (acupuncture) points to respond to your challenge

We have four distinct delivery modes: Strategic sparring, workshops, discrete initiatives and projects.
Our Strategic Sparring offering is a unique and modern way to make sense of your workforce futures opportunities, how to execute and deliver experiences that matter that goes beyond coaching and mentoring.

Get in touch and turn your insights into action.

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#Australasian Talent Conference 2020 DIGITAL
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