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About Checkster

Checkster helps more than 500 global organizations make smarter people decisions. Using collective human intelligence, captured through HR-focused surveys, Checkster empowers talent and team leaders to supercharge their hiring decisions, build high performing teams, and improve retention. For key talent decisions from interview through reference check to onboarding, quality of hire, timely check-ins, and exit interviews, Checkster gives you a consolidated, real-time view into the quality and fit of your people.

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Checkster’s hiring solution captures data and feedback during critical points in your hiring process, consolidating this information into powerful, easy-to-understand insights that allow business leaders to make better hiring decisions. Encompassing: Interviewing Reference Checking and Onboarding
Uncover critical information about quality of hire, job expectations, culture fit and training issues to improve onboarding, productivity and retention.
VetPartners is one of the top Veterinary Hospital Groups across Australasia, with over 120 veterinary practices. In this case study we speak with Derek Del Simone, Recruitment Director about his experience using Checkster to talk about the tangible benefits and Return on Investment we were able to deliver for VetPartners.
Checkster’s retention solution gives organizations powerful solutions to improve employee engagement and retention, reduce turnover, and ultimately maximize your strategic recruiting investments. Encompassing: Onboarding Staff Development Exit Feedback
Checkster provides powerful insights that connect the dots and help you make smarter talent decisions, faster — from reference check through onboarding, and timely employee check-ins to exit interviews — we help you succeed in building high performing teams that compete to win.
Reference checks can provide powerful candidate insights yet, when done manually, can fall short in providing the critical information you need to make a good hire. Checkster takes this one step further than the competition bringing the power of collective intelligence to enable you to make the right choice.
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#Australasian Talent Conference 2020 DIGITAL
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