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Melbourne, Australia
About HCMS

Human Capital Management Solutions (HCMS) is a boutique consultancy that has helped many of Australia’s and new Zealand’s leading organisations set up and optimise their Talent functions to achieve their business objectives. HCMS can assist companies set up a Total Talent approach to their workforce which entails helping an organisation acquire, maintain and mobilise their workforce to gain optimum, agile and cost effective outcomes. The types of services that underpin this include reviewing and benchmarking organisations to:

• Innovate and set up leading Talent Acquisition and Management Functions;
• Create efficient and effective Contingent Workforce Functions; and
• Improve Graduate Recruitment outcomes.

HCMS uses a Human Centred Design Thinking approach and Six Sigma based proven project management practices to ensure it not only meets an organisation’s needs but gains maximum acceptance. All projects are undertaken based on preparing a business case so that the return on investment is readily discernible.

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Imagine being the one who sent the future King of Rock and Roll packing. It may seem extraordinary now, but history is littered with stories of missed talent opportunities like this.
When the legendary silent screen funnyman thought it might be a good joke to slip himself into his own lookalike competition, who would have thought the judges would be unable to identify one of the most famous, most talented, people on the planet.
#Australasian Talent Conference 2020 DIGITAL
Australasian Talent Conference
#Australasian Talent Conference 2020 DIGITAL
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