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Sydney, Australia
About Sonru

Sonru is an innovative, multi-award winning, one-way online video interview screening solution that replicates a live interview, bringing the candidate’s personality, skills and experience to life based on your organisation’s role, competency and cultural fit criteria.

Sonru is an effective tool that helps you shortlist candidates quickly. With tailored questions you will be able to immediately screen out candidates that do not meet your interview criteria, selecting only the most suitable for face- to-face interviews. Studies show that someone who watches a video retains 60% more content than reading text, ensuring you get better qualified candidates through a more effective shortisting process.

Our user-friendly, cloud-based solution works with any browser or operating system. Sonru also supports over 3,000 mobile devices for flexible ‘on the go’ completion and review of interviews.

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General Pants Testimonial
For ATC2020 DIGITAL, Sonru are delighted to share a first of its kind in the industry, our latest white paper entitled “The APAC Customer Benchmark Study” This paper presents a unique insight into the minds and behaviors of Sonru clients though a big data analysis of video interviewing implementation across our user base. For this white paper, we looked at: • Over 7,000 randomly selected interview campaigns (210,000+ interviews). • 7,500+ candidate surveys. • Data relating to 469 hiring companies. Research Highlights Completion Rates in APAC When implementing a Video Interviewing solution into the recruitment process, there can be concerns from recruiters new to the technology around how responsive their candidates will be to the change. Candidate experience has always been at the core of the Sonru system and our research proves that this focus has paid off with impressive completion rates across the board. The average completion rate of the interview campaigns analysed was 72.6%. However, when we looked deeper into the data, we found that: • 99% of candidates who start an interview complete it. • 34% of all APAC Clients have had at least one campaign with a 100% completion rate. • 36% of respondents said they completed their video interview on a mobile device. "I thought the App was really easy to use and navigate, so this helped with my nerves of completing the interview.” - Candidate Australia APAC Client Account Set-up Working hand in hand with clients, the Sonru Client Success Team have years of experience helping recruiters tailor their Video Interviewing solution in order to create a bespoke platform that best address their individual needs. However, despite many customizable aspects there were some commonalities that arose from our research. • 67% of APAC interview campaigns have premium branding. • 21% of APAC clients have the Media Questions feature. • 48% have the Sonru application integrated into their ATS. • 98% include a company description. “Good UI, clear instructions, clearly a good representation of the hiring company’s brand and image.” - Candidate Australia “It is very progressive. I felt comfortable answering the pre-recorded questions as there was a person asking the questions.” - Candidate Australia Interview Campaign Set-up While each recruitment campaign is unique and recruiters themselves face an array of role types, job specs and hiring manager requests, it was important for us to analyse similarities in the interview makeup to see if learnings could be found. These similarities can offer an effective blueprint for other recruiters. • 82% include an interview description. • 81% of the interview campaigns had a total answer time of less than 15 minutes. • 50% of all interview campaigns in APAC have uploaded one or more intro videos. • 92% of candidates feel it is fairer to have more than one person assess their interviews. “The questions were interesting and could tell them a lot about my personality and strengths.” - Candidate Taiwan

 “It was lovely to have an introduction to the HR staff prior to starting the interview.” - Candidate New Zealand Conclusion The white paper should prove very interesting for customers to benchmark their activities against all other Sonru customers in the APAC region. The full white paper can be accessed here “The standout finding for me was that 99% of candidates who start a video interview complete it. The key learning from that is the importance of the communication you have from the very beginning of the candidate journey and that very important invitation email. How you set up your account will not determine completion rates but will impact the candidate experience. Their experience is really in your hands.” – Joy Redmond, Head of Research, Sonru
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#Australasian Talent Conference 2020 DIGITAL
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