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Talent Talks is SEEK’s podcast series focused on bringing key ideas and conversations about recruitment and the world of work to life.
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HR at SEEK: Putting people first in times of change

In times of change or upheaval, how can organisations put their people first – and help them stay happy, healthy and productive? Rebecca Supierz, HR Director SEEK ANZ shares her thoughts on how HR teams can help organisations support their people when it comes to well-being, communication, and adapting to change.


How ANZ is adapting: An agile approach to Talent and more 

How can Talent Acquisition teams adapt to better support their businesses and candidates right now? Does an agile approach have the answers? Rita Newman leads ANZ’s recruitment function. She joins us on this remote episode to discuss her team’s journey with agile methodology, plus the importance of internal mobility and transferable skills, especially during COVID-19.


Maintaining candidate experience in peak hiring times: Australia Post 

Whether it’s seasonal or for an unexpected event like COVID-19, how can organisations recruit large numbers at once, while ensuring a positive candidate experience? Australia Post’s Head of Talent Acquisition, Claire Planinsek, joins this remote episode to discuss the organisation’s hiring approach in both these peak situations, and its work toward maintaining a positive candidate experience throughout.




The power of employer brand and a positive candidate experience, published July 2019

In a competitive market for Talent, candidate experience matters. So how can you get this process right? BAE Systems Australia’s Cathy Riach shared her thoughts on SEEK Talent Talks.


What does a future-ready Talent team look like?, published July 2019 

With the way we work transforming rapidly, how can a modern Talent Acquisition team evolve for success, now and into the future? Commonwealth Bank’s James Elliott shares his insight with SEEK Talent Talks.


The recruitment metrics that really matter, published July 2019 

Metrics are everywhere in the world of recruitment. But are we really measuring the right things? Kevin Wheeler is the founder and director of the Future of Talent Institute, and known internationally as a speaker, author and consultant on all things Talent.



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#Australasian Talent Conference 2020 DIGITAL
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