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Session - ATC - 50.0 mins - Room 1
Get set for ATC2020 DIGITAL!
We acknowledge the first and continuing custodians of this land and pay deep respects to Elders past and present.

Here we all are at our largest gathering ever. Thank you to each and every one of you, we can’t wait to share the next two days with you!

Thank you to the partners making this event happen, HireVue and LinkedIn Talent Solutions.
For centuries, people who felt a calling to be of service to others usually ended up in a narrow group of vocations – charity work, medicine, teaching, etc.
Now we see people of all careers and backgrounds from fitness to IT looking for meaning in their work and life – to have a career that also provides them with a sense of purpose.
As Recruiters, we are gatekeepers and enablers of people’s career and purpose opportunities but we are also looking for greater meaning ourselves. In this session, Josh Farr, will present a framework for how you can apply the SERVICE Leadership model, helping you to tap into your inner-purpose and create an ongoing cycle of doing good, doing well and doing the proudest work of your life.
Session - - 35.0 mins - Room 1
Unless you have been living under a rock the past few years, you’ve probably heard a lot of hype surrounding AI, automated matching, and chatbots in sourcing and recruitment. In this session, Glen will share with you the validated findings from Randstad’s multi-year research on the best chatbots and matching solutions available in the market today to help you make a business case for them.
In addition, you will learn about the importance of ethical AI and various methods to mitigate algorithmic bias to ensure fairness and inclusivity.
Includes a live interactive Q&A.
Session - - 35.0 mins - Room 2
Join Gareth and Dart in this informal session as they discuss how the Talent Function’s service model can be broadened and deepened to better align with business priorities post Covid.

What are they key areas you need to become an expert? What are the skills you will need?

The timing has never been better, and this is a golden opportunity for Talent and HR to reposition ourselves as designers of “work-experience products” that will enable us to enhance our value to the business.
Session - - 45.0 mins - Room 1
Technology should be helping recruiters, hiring managers and candidates, right? But with more ways to communicate than ever before, communicating has become more difficult and there is a rise in candidate ghosting.
Before the robots replace us, what can we do right now to improve everyone’s recruitment experience? Katrina will share:
  • The impact of Internet & technology on Talent Acquisition and candidate experience (how we got here)
  • Quick wins that give recruiters and companies the edge in the fight for attention (how tos)
  • Robot-proofing your futures with human-only skills and true hiring manager partnerships (how tos)
At ATC, we love the content to be as tangible as possible. In this short, sharp focussed session, David will provide you a structure to capture the ideas from the sessions that you attend during the course of this digital conference so you can prioritise them and proactively take action post the event.
Moving, breathing and stretching are essential ingredients to a healthy mind and body. Enjoy Nathan's desk yoga to activate your energy, increase your awareness and strengthen your focus during your time at the ATC.

Session - - 35.0 mins - Room 1
Rita will share ANZ’s journey to reimagine their traditional Talent function and create an exciting new experience for their ‘’joiners and movers”.
She will outline their use of:
  • Agile Methodology to create a new structure and ways of working for TA;
  • Human-Centred Design to create a new people experience;
  • New roles and capabilities identified that are critical to success;
  • Service level needs and agreement with key stakeholders;
  • A Beyond Recruitment vision incorporating inner mobility and on-demand Talent.
Rita will guide you through the challenges and opportunities facing traditional Talent Acquisition teams wanting to be leaders in the future world of work and provide insights from ANZ’s journey 12 months into its maturity.
Includes a live interactive Q&A. 
Session - - 30.0 mins - Room 2
In this session, Sarah will share her tips and tricks for small in-house Talent teams and how you can work smarter, not harder. She will cover how to leverage internal resources, partnerships and community as well as using enablement technology that is low cost or free and automation.
Session outline:
  • What is Talent Acquisition? 
  • Finding your crew – Tiny team? No problems! 
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Upskill and educate yourself
 Includes a live interactive Q&A.
Session - - 20.0 mins - Room 1
Time to break for lunch. Make sure you are back online at 1:20pm because we will be announcing our first round of competition winners and you need to be online to claim your prize right here in ROOM 1!

Session - - 20.0 mins - Room 1
The decisions we make today will have a lasting effect on the future of talent. With the world changing around us we have a once-in-a career opportunity to transform our hiring processes and embrace the value of technology. This session will explore the changes many businesses are making to their hiring processes in light of coronavirus, whilst highlighting the longer term benefits of making these digital transformations.
Session - - 25.0 mins - Room 1
Why go to market when you’re sitting on a sourcing gold mine – your current employees? Claire will share with you the results of Australia Post’s massively successful Employee Referral Program they created for seasonal peak hiring.
When you’re dealing with loved ones of existing employees the stakes are high on providing an exceptional candidate experience and a fair merit-based process. Claire will share the process and tech she used and how it enabled the human interaction to change from a screening call to an engagement call, shifting the focus from employer needs met to candidate needs met.
The benefits are endless – reduced recruiter fatigue, higher quality candidates, hiring manager feedback and increased candidate engagement.
Lastly, hear about their transition from candidate rejection to candidate redirection where candidates were matched with other opportunities in the business providing a wining outcome for everyone.
Includes a live interactive Q&A.
Session - - 25.0 mins - Room 2
Remote recruiting has been perfected by the Talent Acquisition team at Goodstart Early Learning over the last 12 months. With 30 TA professionals currently scattered across all states providing services to 600 centres and Hiring Managers, the team relies on technology and creativity to drive and optimise Talent outcomes.
Join D’Neale as she shares some of the unique initiatives Goodstart Early Learning have implemented, including creating a Virtual Candidate Experience Bootcamp and their Talent Incubation Sessions, to help you understand how you can create a successful online collaborative environment that will lead to stronger levels of trust and better hiring outcomes.
Includes a live interactive Q&A.
Session - - 15.0 mins - Room 3
Introverts account for 1 in 3 people, yet the unspoken and unconscious “extrovert ideal” leads to work environments in which introverts feel as if they don’t belong and where they earn and get promoted less than extroverts.
In this session, Glen will make the case for including introversion in diversity, neurodiversity, and inclusion efforts, and offer practical suggestions for creating environments in which introverts can bring their authentic selves to work.
Session - - 15.0 mins -
Grab a coffee stretch your legs, we have more coming up!
Session - - 30.0 mins - Room 1
Every touchpoint with a candidate creates an opportunity for you to build relationships, whether that candidate is actively looking or monitoring the market. It is important candidate sentiment is acknowledged and understood, particularly in the current environment.
Jodie will share actionable insights, data and tools to help you make those relationships meaningful, improve the experience for candidates and make your organisation’s brand and values part of the conversation. 
Session - - 30.0 mins - Room 2
In a global crisis, the most successful organisations will be those that are able to adapt and respond to change quickly.

Organisational agility is paramount – from strategy and governance to the capability of your workforce mix to deliver. Visibility into the skills of the workforce – both permanent and contingent – has never been more important.

So does that mean that we can finally stop talking about Total Talent Management as a pipe dream and actually do something about it? And what does that mean for the future of the Talent Acquisition function?

Alastair will discuss some current trends and examples that are emerging around workforce visibility and Talent agility that are unlocking the value of TA to expand into new and exciting areas of Total Talent Management.
Session - - 30.0 mins - Room 3
Recent events have shown the necessity of a virtual hiring process, but for organisations that want to truly transform the way they hire, technology is a must.

But when it comes to hiring technology, the term artificial intelligence is often used as a catch-all that means anything from automated scheduling to natural language processing.

Join Eric and Issac for this session in which we will discuss how to define artificial intelligence, emerging trends and developments, and the ethical considerations in using these technologies.

Session - - 35.0 mins - Room 1
Candidates and Hiring Managers are the two key groups you’re looking to connect. Simple, right?
Obtaining curiosity, respect, engagement – or even just a response! – from your ideal candidates can at times be frustrating and fruitless. Building deep trust and respect with a Hiring Managers – no easy feat. The answer comes by being a “Recruiter worth talking to”.  In this interactive workshop, Katrina will share her formula and workshop some scenarios and solutions to:
  • Get the Hiring Manager on your side
  • Get a Candidate engaged and responsive 
Session - - 15.0 mins - Room 2
Thinking like the business is KEY for TA teams to make the shift from a reactive “get bums in seats” service to being a strategic partner and a trusted advisor.

Just like how business leaders monitor trends in customer expectations and spending habits, TA needs to be able to provide information on trends in labour and education, and compare and contrast competitor EVPs. More importantly, they need to be able to put these into a meaningful Talent context that will make a difference.

Darin will share a Workforce Planning case study and examples from his time as a senior manager in strategic HR and O.D. from Optus and Sydney Water, to demonstrate how you can evolve and become a TA leader that provides real strategic recommendations on the demand and supply of Talent.
Session - - 15.0 mins - Room 3
How can you create a memorable rejection experience that enriches your candidates’ job search?

In this session you will learn:

  • The surprising mistake most teams make when it comes to candidate experience
  • Why verbatim rejection emails are damaging your brand
  • How can you reject your candidates at scale and improve your image at the same time
Session - - 15.0 mins - Room 4
People’s tensions and emotions are high and everyone is carefully watching what organisations are doing with their most important assets – their people. Business actions will be long remembered and disgruntled employees will be very, very vocal.

What can you do to help define (or redefine) your employer brand during this time?

In this session, Brie will share impactful ideas for what your Talent Acquisition team could be doing to help build and promote your organisation as an employer – DIY, inhouse and on a shoestring!
Session - - 15.0 mins - Room 5
Getting frank and unbiased feedback is the best way for TA to improve and become better at what we do. We speak to different Hiring Managers in this unfiltered session to get their honest take on:
  • What TA can do to be the most relevant to their business;
  • The type of information is vital for them to be proactive and make great decisions; and
  • How and where TA must position itself to be relevant in the future.
Get set for some hard truths and plenty of learning points that you can take away for contextualising into your own TA function.

Moderated by Trevor Vas.
Session - - 15.0 mins - Room 2
The business landscape has been profoundly impacted by COVID-19, and the ripples of the pandemic will re-shape business for years to come.

Alex, Mary and Brent are the lead authors in an upcoming book, “What The Hell Do We Do Now: an enterprise guide to emerging from COVID-19”.

In this panel session, the three will discuss the six tools your organisation needs to enter our post-pandemic future a more viable organisation than when we entered the most significant health and economic crisis of our lifetimes. The choices we make and the opportunities we leverage in Talent Acquisition today will have long-lasting implications, and Mary, Alex, and Brent will share their thoughts on the pivotal questions to ask at this pivotal time.
Session - - 15.0 mins - Room 3
Before COVID hit, SmartRecruiters supported the creation of jobs of Lebanon. Since then, the movement grew to include Jobs for Australia, Recruiters Recruiting Recruiters in the USA, Jobs for Netherlands Jobs for Ireland and soon Jobs for the UK.

The result: recruiters all over the world coaching and hiring thousands of candidates for remote jobs. This session dives into the Jobs for the World movement and how you can get involved.
Session - - 15.0 mins - Room 4
Talent mapping is so much more than just identifying candidates in the market. It is a proactive approach used to determine future Talent needs based on TA that helps you identify potential skill and Talent shortages within your organisation. It is a plan that helps you bridge the gap between your organisation’s goals and the people they need to achieve them.

In this session, Martin and Simon will guide you through time-tested approaches to market mapping that will provide you with a solid foundation that will enable you to market map your way to success.
Session - - 15.0 mins - Room 5

COVID-19 has forced a lot of us to become remote workers by default, but more and more companies are now declaring it is likely to become their new norm.

This structural change will accelerate the move to automation and change the game for HOW we make both internal and external hiring decisions, and WHAT kind of traits become more important in this new world.

With more remote workers, TRUST is also fast becoming a critical “organisational trait”, when the absence of trust was, until now, seen as the main barrier to supporting remote work. Barb explores what this new golden triangle for recruitment means for the TA leaders on the ground.
Session - - 55.0 mins - Room 1
Today, creativity isn’t just the strongest driver of your competitive advantage, it is the foundation of a meaningful, adaptive and fulfilling career. And yet, despite the desperate calls for more innovative thinking, the systems and processes that hold most businesses together don’t allow or enable anything like it.
Packed full of powerful, practical and poetic tools, Myke’s session will show you exactly how to cut through the barriers that prevent creativity at work while giving you the clarity and confidence to unleash your wild, untamed self-expression into every pocket of your personal and professional life.
Join Myke for this highly interactive, digital experience and learn how to make magic with the mundane, find joy in your current job and transform your everyday work into a work of art.
A wrap up and overview of the first day of ATC 2020.
Join our trivia quiz masters, Bernt and Simon, after a whole day’s learning to have fun online and get the chance to WIN tickets to our next live event.
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#Australasian Talent Conference 2020 DIGITAL
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